Alternative Dispute resolution (ADR)


Many people resolve their cases before trial with the help of ADR. ADR offers alternatives to trial including mediation, arbitration and settlement conferences. These informal processes are faster, more private, less expensive and less stressful than litigation and trial. The Riverside Superior Court encourages parties to participate in ADR and provides a range of opportunities to do so from the Case Management Conference to the day of trial.

The Court's ADR Department does not include traffic or Child Custody Recommending Counseling (CCRC).

These organizations provide free or low-cost mediation services through the Dispute Resolution Program Act (DRPA), coordinated by the County of Riverside:

CAP: Community Action Partnership, Dispute Resolution Center Leaving site
DRS: Dispute Resolution Service, Riverside County Bar Association Leaving site
Chapman University School of Law Mediation Clinic (services only available at the court)

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