forms for parties ordered to court-ordered mediation

Forms for Parties Ordered to Court-Ordered Mediation

Parties in this program receive a “Notice of Order to Court Mediation” stating the Mediation Completion Date and the program requirements. Failure to comply with this Order may result in an Order to Show Cause Hearing re Sanctions. Therefore, parties and their attorneys should read this notice very carefully and calendar all key dates.

For an easy step-by-step guide to the program with links to the required forms, see the Court-Ordered Mediation Information Sheet for Parties/Counsel.


Response to Notice of Court-Ordered Mediation

This form is attached to the Notice of Court-Ordered Mediation. Use it if all parties stipulate (agree) to use a specific mediator. Before filing the form, parties who stipulate to a specific mediator must confirm that the mediator agrees to accept the case. There is no filing fee for this form.

Stipulation and Order for Continuance of Court-Ordered Mediation Completion Date

If the parties cannot complete the mediation by the completion date ordered by the judicial officer, they must file this form to ask the court for additional time. Requests for additional time must be made on this local form and must use the attached proof of service form showing service on the mediator. There is a $20 fee for filing this form.

Extending the time for mediation

The mediator has no authority to schedule a mediation after the completion date stated in the Notice of Order to Court Mediation unless the parties receive a continuance. An Order to Show Cause re Sanctions will be scheduled if the parties do not complete their mediation by the original or new completion date.

Post-Mediation Survey or complete the survey online.

All parties and counsel who participate in mediation are encouraged to submit this brief evaluation as soon after their session as possible to allow the court to monitor and improve the mediation program.

Notice of Settlement

If the case settles, the parties must file the “Notice of Settlement” (Form CM –200)  no later than ten (10) days after the Mediation Completion Date. This form must be filed for all court-ordered mediation cases that settle, including cases that settle without a mediation session, during a mediation session or after the mediation session. The form must be served on all parties and the mediator.

Plaintiff must file the “Request for Dismissal” (Form CIV-110) within 45 days of the date of settlement.

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