Mediation services available for Civil (Non-family Law) cases

Court Mediation Services

The Riverside County Superior Court offers mediation services to help parties resolve their general disputes as early in the process as appropriate.

At the Case Management Conference held approximately 180 days after the case is filed, eligible parties are ordered to mediation or judicial arbitration, at no cost to the parties; all others are strongly encouraged to participate in the voluntary ADR process of their choice, to be arranged and paid for privately.

Civil Mediation Panel for Voluntary and Court-Ordered Mediations

The Court’s Civil Mediation Panel is available for court-ordered mediations; voluntary, private mediations; and mediations of disputes before the filing of a lawsuit.

All Civil Mediation Panel members are California attorneys who have met certain minimum qualifications and who are required to adhere to specific ethical standards. Each mediator provides a detailed Profile describing his/her background, training, policies and practices.

Panel members may accept any type of case and cases of any monetary value.

As a generous service to the court and its civil litigants, panel members agree to accept a number of Court-Ordered Mediations at no charge to the parties for the first 3 hours of mediation services, including 1 hour of pre-mediation preparation. Panel mediators may bill the court $150 for this time and may charge parties market or reduced rates for additional time.

For voluntary, private mediations, panel mediators may charge parties market or reduced rates, without court involvement or contribution. Panel members who provide reduced rates describe their policies in their profiles. 

Private Mediation Organizations

Parties may also stipulate to private mediation outside the court system at any time.

Options include:

Free or low-cost mediation services offered by programs that are partially funded by the county's Dispute Resolution Programs Act (DRPA)

CAP: Community Action Partnership, Dispute Resolution Center Leaving site
DRS: Dispute Resolution Service, Riverside County Bar Association Leaving site

Additionally, many private mediators and organizations offer mediation services for a fee and have websites or advertise in various publications including the yellow pages.

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