Failure to pay - allegation of Violation of probation

If the court ordered you to pay fines, penalty assessments, or victim restitution, and you fail to make payments, the court may proceed with an Allegation of Violation of Probation hearing. If you fail to appear for that hearing, the court may issue a WARRANT for your arrest.

Failure to pay your court-ordered fine, fee, or penalty assessment could result in collection through garnishment of wages, liens on property, and the possibility of your case being referred to an outside agency for collection pursuant to California state Government Code sections 12419.8 and 12419.10.

Your case may be submitted to the California Franchise Tax Board if you fail to pay your court-ordered debt(s). The court will intercept your state tax refund and/or state lottery winnings to pay any outstanding balance you owe to the court.

Allegation of Violation of Probation and Notice to Appear

If you receive a letter stating Allegation of Violation of Probation, you must appear at the scheduled hearing date and time or the court may issue a WARRANT for your arrest. To avoid a court appearance, you must submit PAYMENT IN FULL. Failure to do so will result in a mandatory court appearance.

When paying your case after the Allegation of Violation of Probation process has been initiated, you must pay in full by way of cash, credit card, or a cashier’s check. No personal checks or money orders will be accepted. You must submit payment in full a minimum of 3 days prior to the court hearing date on the letter.

Payment must be received at least three working days before your scheduled hearing date. To submit payment in full contact the Enhanced Collections Division at 1.877.955.3463.


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