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Interpreter Services Division provides interpreting services for persons with limited English proficiency having business with the Superior Court in Criminal, Juvenile, Mental Health with appinted counsel and Department of Child Support cases calendared hearings.   

Court Interpreters are experts in language and are assigned only to render linguistically equivalent interpretation from one language into another. They are not parties to a case, have no interest in any case, and remain completely neutral in all matters. They work for the court and do not represent any party. A court interpreter's sole responsibility is to bridge the communication barrier necessitating his or her presence.

The Interpreter Services Division also provides names and telephone numbers of interpreters for matters outside the scope of the court's services when parties are responsible for the costs of the interpreting services. (i.e., depositions, attorney/client conferences, and pre-trial preparations.  Click here to "Find an Interpreter."

To request an interpreter for an upcoming mandated hearing (minimum 48 hours notice for Spanish; 5 days for languages other than Spanish including American Sign Language), the party or the party's attorney may submit a request for an interpreter online via e-mail or complete the Interpreter Request Form and filing it with the clerks office.

Any person (friend, family, or public member) who volunteers to interpret for the litigant(s) in a non-mandated area such as Civil, Small Claims, Family Law (general), Probate and Juvenile Dependency proceedings and who is not a certified or registered interpreter is required to read prior to the proceeding, the Foreign Language Interpreter Duties for Civil and Small Claims (INT-200 form).  This form is provided to assist the volunteer with understanding the basic responsibilities they will have when performing their duties of an interpreter.

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