How to request copies

Juvenile Court cases are confidential. Access to juvenile records is restricted to the minor, parents, or guardians, and/or the attorneys involved in the case. Photo identification is required.

Requests for copies may be made in person at the Juvenile Court location where the case is filed.

If the search takes more than 10 minutes, a fee of $15.00 will be assessed pursuant to Government Code section 70627(c) for each search conducted. The fee for copies is $.50 per page and if certification is requested, an additional $25.00 per document will be assessed. The court does not charge for copies when the minor is making the request.

When requesting copies, please provide the following information:

  • Minor's name
  • Case number
  • Date of birth ( if known)
  • Specific documents requested

Depending on the extent of the records needing research, court staff makes every attempt to accommodate the requesting party while he/she waits.

Copies of Juvenile records CANNOT be requested by mail.

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