Purchase indexes


Court name indexes are available for purchase from the date indicated to present:


Case Type

Beginning Date

Civil October 1996
Family Law July 1992
Criminal/Traffic June 1990
Probate (Countywide) March 1994

Indio, Blythe, Palm Springs

Criminal/Traffic May 1990
Civil May 1991
Family Law April 1992


Civil, Family Law, and Probate indexes contain the following:

  • Alphabetical listings of parties, including party type (plaintiff or defendant)
  • All other parties on the case with party type
  • Case number

Criminal indexes contain the following information:

  • Defendant's name
  • Date of birth
  • Case number
  • Convicted charges and probation expiration date for the time period covered by the index

Indexes are run monthly or quarterly at $50.00 per month per case type and are sent via email.

For more information please send an email or contact:

Riverside Superior Court
Executive Office
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