Dissolution (Divorce)

A Dissolution of Marriage or Registered Domestic Partnership (Divorce) is a legal action that ends marriage or a registered domestic partnership.

  • Residency Requirement - To obtain a divorce in California you or your spouse or partner must have lived in California for the last six months and have lived for the last three months in the county where you file for divorce.

  • No "Fault" Required - No one has to prove that either spouse or partner is "guilty" or "innocent".

  • It is not necessary that both persons agree to end the relationship. One spouse or partner cannot make the other stay in a relationship.

  • It takes a minimum of six months from the date of the divorce papers are served (given) to the other party before a divorce can be final. However, you are not automatically divorced at the end of six months. At least one spouse or partner must complete the required legal process and obtain a written judgment.

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