Insurance violations

Your fine amount may be reduced for insurance violations of Vehicle Code §16028(a) if you can provide proof of valid insurance at the time the ticket was issued. You must submit proof of valid insurance to the court (a copy of your insurance card or policy) along with the $25 fee. Insurance violations may not be signed off/or corrected by law enforcement. If you obtain insurance after the date of violation, your fine may be reduced. Violations of Vehicle Code §§16020(A) or 16028(C) for insurance cannot be reduced or dismissed.

Proof of correction may be mailed to the Payment Processing Center, 505 S. Buena Vista Room 201, Corona, CA 92882.

Make checks payable to “Riverside Superior Court”. Proof of insurance with payment by credit card may also be submitted by fax at 951.777.3350. For information on how to fax file, click here.

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