When you are a juror, you will play a critical role in ensuring that all parties recieve a fair trial.
    Your decision must be based solely on the information you recieve in the courtroom. Remember, if you were a litigant,
    you would want your decision based only on what the jurors were supposed to see and hear, not something they found on the internet,
    a social network site, or from the media.

    Please remember these rules:

    Do not send or recieve any electronic communications about the case:
    This includes texting, e-mailing, blogging, tweeting, or posting information, not even to friends and family, on social network sites.
    You should not use any electronic device to hear about, discuss, or even mention anything about the case while you are a juror.

    Do not look for any information about the case:
    Do not look for, or look up, anything about the case, including searching on the internet or other reference sources.
    Do not ask anyone about the case or any issue in the case.

    Do not listen to news reports about the case:
    Do not read, watch, or listen to news stories, blogs, or other information about the case while you are a juror.

    A violation of these rules may cause a mistrial, deprive the litigants of a fair trial, and/or result in a penalty
    against you including up to 6 months in jail and/or a fine of up to $1000.