Mandatory Conservatorship Orientation

Riverside Superior Court Rule 7400 (pdf ) requires each proposed conservator to view the educational program provided by the court. This program provides an overview of the duties of a conservator.
The program is divided into two sessions. The first session covers conservatorship generally, and also addresses conservatorship of the person. All proposed conservators are required to view this first session.

The second session addresses conservatorship of the estate. Only proposed conservators
who are requesting estate powers need to view this second session.


Questions concerning topics discussed in this video can be addressed to the  probate examiners email address. However, keep in mind the examiner may only speak with you regarding procedure. Examiners may not give legal advice or advise you how to handle your matter.

Proof of Attendance

At least four court days before the hearing on a petition for appointment of a conservator, a declaration must be filed as proof of attending the educational program. This declaration is filed with the clerk’s office in the same location where documents relating to the conservatorship must be filed.

Mandatory Conservator Orientation Participant Notebook

Description Conservators
of Person
of Estate
File Within 100 days of Appointment
Notice of Conservatee's Rights (pdf )
Attachment to Notice of Conservatee's Rights (pdf )
Determination of Conservatee's Appropriate Level of Care (pdf ) X
Inventory and Appraisal (pdf )
Attachment to Inventory and Appraisal (pdf )
(See Sample Inventory and Appraisal) (pdf )
Notice of Filing Inventory and Appraisal (external site pdf )
Attachment to Notice of Filing Inventory and Appraisal (external site pdf )
File Within 14 Months of Appointment
Declaration in Support of Order Dispensing with Accounting (pdf ) or
Petition for Settlement of Account (pdf )
Standard Accounting Schedules (pdf )
Order on Petition for Settlement of Account (pdf )