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Requesting court transcripts


How do I purchase a court reporter transcript?

Attorneys or private citizens who would like to purchase a verbatim record of a public court proceeding may purchase a transcript directly from the court reporter who reported the hearing.  The interested party should personally contact the court reporter and make arrangements for the preparation of the transcript.  The following information will be required before a transcript can be prepared:

  • Name of court reporter
  • Case Number
  • Date of proceedings
  • Name of judge/department

How do I request a court transcript?

Once you have all the information listed above complete the Online Transcript Request form and submit it electronically; or

Complete the transcript request form and mail the form to the Supervising Court Reporter as indicated on the form.

Locating the court reporter

If you need to locate any of the above information, you can obtain it by Searching Court Records to view the case online. Be sure to select the correct court location from the drop-down menu and have your court case number ready.

The name of the court reporter who reported the hearing is located in the minute order for that hearing date.  All the information needed for the Transcript Request Form may be viewed online or on the public terminals that are located in the clerk’s or self-help offices at each court facility.

Please check the list of court reporters to assist you in determining whether the reporter is a current staff reporter or a contract reporter. Once contacted, the reporter will contact the requestor to confirm the hearing information, payment method, and mailing address or to schedule a transcript pick up date.

How much will my transcript cost?

Once the court reporter receives your transcript request, the reporter will contact you.  The reporter will give you the estimated or actual cost of the transcript.  The reporter will discuss payment for the transcript, the length of time it will take to complete the transcript, and delivery options.  The reporter will respond to any other questions you may have regarding your transcript request.

What if I need my transcript A.S.A.P.?

If your request is urgent, please indicate that on the request form in the comment box.  The reporter should respond within two (2) business days.  If not, contact the appropriate regional supervisor.

In some cases it may not be possible for a court reporter to provide a transcript on a rush basis, but every effort will be made to meet the request.

Please keep in mind that:

  • Court reporters work in court all day; response time may not be immediate.
  • You will be required to send in a payment payable to the individual reporter. The reporter will not begin preparation of the transcript until payment is received.
  • Time required for delivery of the transcript varies depending on the length of the transcript and the court reporter’s workload.

From how far back in time can I request a transcript?

According to state law (Government Code § 68152(j)7), the court reporters’ notes for criminal cases are destroyed after ten years, and notes for civil cases are destroyed after five years. The notes for death penalty cases are never destroyed.

Proceedings older than ten years may no longer be available to be transcribed.

Please Note: The following types of matters are not reported and an official transcript is NOT available: small claims, limited civil collection matters, unlawful detainers (landlord-tenant disputes), infractions, traffic and misdemeanors.

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