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    Form packets generally include a group of forms that are required to be completed in order to either begin or complete a case. Workshop form packets are designed to be completed prior to attending a workshop. While you may choose to complete a form packet without attending a workshop, you will be more likely to correctly complete the forms if you attend a workshop. Follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the link to the form packet for the workshop you plan to attend. For instance, if you plan to attend the Dissolution Petition Workshop, click on “Petition for Dissolution, Legal Separation or Nullity of Marriage Form Packet”.
  2. Complete the online coversheet*, which is the first page of the form packet.  The coversheet asks for general information, such as your name and address.  This general information is automatically transferred to the documents in the form packet.  PLEASE NOTE: Filling in the coversheet only partially completes your forms.  The remainder of your forms will be completed at the workshop.
  3. *Not all form packets include a coversheet. For those form packets without a coversheet, you may enter information directly onto the form.

  4. Print the form packet and bring it with you to the workshop.  At the workshop you will receive instructions on how to complete the remaining parts of the forms. 

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Divorce, Legal Separation or Nullity


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