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2024 Escheatment Claim Instructions and Forms:

If you were mailed a notice - See the claim steps/instructions here

Media Information

The Media Information Office of the Superior Court of California, County of Riverside, is dedicated to providing accurate and timely information and assistance to members of the media. The Office can assist the media with navigating the court system in order to obtain case records or other pertinent information. In addition, the Media Information Office can assist with routing requests to cover court proceedings and providing procedures and other tools necessary to submit these requests to the judicial officer on a timely basis. Any requests for data, coverage, interviews, or other information must be submitted via a request to the Media Information Officer.

The purpose of the Unlimited Civil Complaint Portal is to provide public access to non-confidential unlimited civil complaints, before the complaint has been reviewed and filed by the Court. Please be aware that upon review of the complaint, the Court may deem it:

  1. Filed;
  2. Received; or
  3. Rejected.

Note that remote public inspection of civil complaints and other court records is subject to the restrictions set forth in the California Rules of Court, Title 2, Division 4.

Ulimited Civil Complaint Portal (external site )

To request permission to cover a court hearing, please ensure you complete both the MC-500 and MC-510 Judicial Council forms. Electronic submissions must be sent to:

mediainformation (email).

Fax submissions must be sent to the proper court location (pdf ).