A guardianship is a court case in which a person who is not the parent of a child asks for custody of the child, the power to manage the child’s property, or both. There are two types of guardianships. Most cases go to the Probate Court. But if the child is a dependent or ward of the juvenile court, guardianship must be decided in Juvenile Court.

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Form Packets for Guardianship

Where Can I Get Help Filling out the Guardianship Petition?

Guardianship Assistance Program (pdf )

Income-qualifying individuals may be eligible for free legal assistance through Riverside Legal Aid (external site ). To schedule an appointment in Riverside call  951.682.7968 or in Indio call  760.347.9456 or contact them online at (external site ).

Self-Help Probate

Self-represented individuals can obtain assistance with Probate matters using the links below. Please note: Self-Help Probate assistance is by appointment only.

Kin Care (pdf )

Relative caregivers of wards or proposed wards can obtain many types of assistance through KinCare in Hemet, including counseling, tutoring, support groups, and guardianship assistance.

What If the Child May Have Native American Ancestry?

What Are Probate Notes and Why They Are Important to Your Case?

How to Contact a Probate Examiner Regarding Probate Notes

After reviewing the probate notes on the website, you may email a probate examiner. (Email is checked daily and you should receive a response within 24 hours)

However, keep in mind the examiner may only answer procedural questions. Examiners may not give legal advice or advise you how to handle your matter.

 Email a Probate Examiner relating to Probate Notes

Supervised Child Visitation

Supervised Child Visitation can be defined as visitation limited to special situations where a third party, ordered by the court, is present with the visiting parent during the period of visitation with the children.

Learn more about supervised child visitation.