Self-Help Information Centers

What Are Self-Help Information Centers?

Self-Help Information Centers provide general assistance to people who do not have attorneys. Assistance is provided in the areas of family law, evictions, small claims, name changes, guardianship, conservatorship, probate and restraining orders. You can also find information about upcoming workshops and other available assistance.

Self-Help Orientation Video

Where are the Self-Help Information Centers located?

   Effective November 16, 2020: The Self-Help Information Centers are currently temporarily closed but are offering limited remote services Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. (see the notice).

What Resources Are Available at Self-Help Information Centers?

Self-Help Centers are closed and workshops cancelled until further notice. Remote self-help services are available by phone or email for the following matters only: restraining orders, family law ex parte/emergency orders, and temporary probate guardianships and conservatorships. See the Self-Help Services Flyer for More Information (pdf ).

Where Can I Get Help with Legal Information and Assistance with Forms?

Is there a fee for using the Self-Help Information Centers?

There is no fee to use the centers or any assistance provided. However, you may need to pay for copies and court filing fees at the clerk's office.

Self-Help Events and Workshops

Please take a look at the calendar below for upcoming Self-Help Events and Workshops: